Change Log

Psychiatry-UK v2.1.8

Deployed at 21:00 hrs on 2nd December 2019 Update - Change Postal address on electronic invoices Update - Allow PUK Admins to view/edit all email and SMS notifications Update - Change default lead time for all online appointments to a...

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Psychiatry-UK v2.1.7

Deployed at 20:00 hrs on 18th November 2019 Fixed - Switch select method in Patient Invoicing and Patient Sharing to match Tasks select method Updated - Change email address if a 'token error' box shows in appointments Fixed - Error...

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Psychiatry-UK v2.1.6

Deployed at 20:00 hrs on 4th November 2019 2 Factor authentication added for all users

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Psychiatry-UK v2.1.5

Deployed at 11:00 hrs on 28th October 2019 Fixed - Timer resets to zero after 1 hour consultation (System was correctly recording the meeting length but was missing the 'hour' value in the past appointments table) Updated - Catch all...

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Psychiatry-UK v2.1.4

Deployed at 19:21 hrs on 16th October 2019 Added - Forced change of password every 3 months Fixed - List of users in task modal is being cut off after 100 names Updated - Start calendar at 6am Updated -...

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Psychiatry-UK v2.1.3

Deployed at 13:00 hrs on 14th October 2019 Fixed - Shared patient now shows when making a booking using booking calendar Fixed - Doctor only gets a notice from a nurse when they create a private note (doctor was receiving...

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Psychiatry-UK v2.1.2

New feature – New field in online booking form and back office 'new patient' form - 'Permission to write to your GP with a summary of your appointment?' New feature - New flag will show in patient profile if answer...

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Psychiatry-UK v2.1.1

New feature – Add 'Booked By' column into appointments table Update – Text changes regarding password changes when on Profile page Fixed – Booking Calendar 'month' view does not show calendar events Fixed - Token expired issue Fixed - Some...

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Psychiatry-UK v2.1.0

3rd September, 2019 New feature - Add ability for PCF flag to be updated manually in Payments section Relaunched - PUK iOS Mobile App Update - Change Address on Invoices Update - Refactor booking form's doctor card rating to speed...

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Psychiatry-UK v2.0.15

23rd August, 2019 Fixed - Correct appointment date showing in Invoices Fixed - 'DOB' search not working in patient search Fixed - 'View Invoice Items' button not working Update - Add invoice item ID column to outstanding invoice items table...

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