Change Log

Psychiatry-UK v3.1.2

14/04/2020 New Feature: ADHD Waiting List - manage patients in ADHD waiting list and inform queue number on patient's portal (Only pukAdmins and superAdmins have access to this feature) Allow users (staff or admins) to change the treatment for a...

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Psychiatry-UK v3.1.1

31/03/2020 New Feature: Allow users (staff or admins) to change the treatment for a patient whilst making a follow up appointment New Feature: Add 'Filter' menu to patient's table to help find patients easier/quicker New Feature: Add new 'Clinic Admin...

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Psychiatry-UK v3.1.0

17/03/2020 New Feature: Bespoke Video App to handle all future patient appointments and generic meetings. Features include screen sharing, chat, audio recordings (launching in a few days), doctor checklist, FAQs, Guest access and more) New Feature: Create a PCF Task...

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Psychiatry-UK v3.0.12

11/03/2020 New Feature: Google Translate feature added to the website New Feature: Added BugHerd code in the Portal to allow users to send immediate feedback without creating an IT support ticket New Feature: Allow Doctors to delete notes New Feature:...

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Psychiatry-UK v3.0.11

09/02/2020 New Feature: 'Invoice Paid' Notifications sent to users when the patient pays an invoice which contains one of their items New Feature: Add 'Your Therapist' to list of options in the patient note modal New Feature: Add 'Appointment Date'...

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Psychiatry-UK v3.0.10

21/01/2020 New Feature: Additional Patient Demographics New Feature: Add 'Accept | Decline' links to doctor's appointments table New Feature: Allow Users to manage SMS notifications New Feature: Allow patients to make their own Full Consultations   Update: Change terminology in...

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Psychiatry-UK v3.0.5

14/01/2020 New Feature: In "New note" form, when "Doctors Only" is selected, disable "Notify patient of new note" New Feature: Add 'Task Type' option to tasks launched from PCF Form New Feature: Allow Users to manage SMS notifications New Feature:...

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Psychiatry-UK v3.0.4

17/12/2020 New Feature: Save deleted notes and record user   Update: Add same tasks actions to nurse/therapists/clinic admins/puk admins as used in doctor in dashboard. Update: Update PDF clinic invoices to use the bank details of the clinic that the...

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Psychiatry-UK v3.0.3

09/12/2020 New Feature: Add 'Mark as Refunded' button into Private Patient invoices table New Feature: Add Ethnicity, Patient Photo and Patient ID fields into Patient Profile and Booking Form(s) New Feature: Bulk re-assign tasks New Feature: Add 'Task Type' option...

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Psychiatry-UK v3.5

Deployed Week Nov 30 - Dec 4th 2020 New Feature: Add a favicon to the portal New Feature: Add appointment link to patient portal dashboard and patient's appointments table New Feature: Add warning message when uploading documents to patient's notes...

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