Change Log

Psychiatry-UK v2.0.14

26th July, 2019 New feature: Show pending and paid payment totals to doctors New feature: Add a 'delete Comment' button to patient notes New feature: Appointment log (super admins only) to check appointment success New feature: Add patient ref on...

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Psychiatry-UK v2.0.13

18th July, 2019 New feature: Show pending and paid payment totals to doctors New feature: Added a 'delete Comment' button to patient notes Added appointment log to check success/failure of appointment Added patient ref on calendar pop ups (including month...

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Psychiatry-UK v2.0.12

4th July, 2019 Fixed past appointments paging issue Added 'Patient Feedback' table with ability to hide from website Fixed height issue on Doctor's profile text editor box Fixed 'Created Date' issue on invoices Added new text on online booking form...

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Psychiatry-UK v2.0.11

20th June, 2019 Fixed issue to show correct colours in background of 'Month' view in calendar Fixed doctor's profile images showing in online booking form Added 'Patient Feedback' table Added ability to hide patient reviews from online booking form Fixed...

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Psychiatry-UK v2.0.10

29th May, 2019 Fixed error message on Chromebooks Fixed attachment links appearing differently for patients and admins Calendar boxes now show correct background colour Added colour preview next to clinic hex colour column Background colour now matches the hex code...

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Psychiatry-UK v2.0.9

16th May, 2019 Doctors can now archive patients Doctors can now change patient's usernames Doctors can now change patient's passwords Doctors can now edit tasks and reassign to other users Added ability to delete patient invoice item from patient case...

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Psychiatry-UK v2.0.8

11th May, 2019 Correct notifications go to staff when a note/comment has been replied to Double booking error fixed on online booking form Correct invoice notification gos to patient when (PUK) invoice is created Previous and Next arrows on booking...

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Psychiatry-UK v2.0.7

9th April, 2019 Fixed token expired error Fixed doctor portal only showing 25 records

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Psychiatry-UK v2.0.6

2nd April, 2019 Added link to list of patients in a clinic from clinic table Changed colour of non-active slots in calendar Added link to patient profile from tasks table Modified table on finance dashboard

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Psychiatry-UK v2.0.5

25th March, 2019 Added 'Priority' setting in task menu Frozen top fields on booking calendar Improved 'Invoice Items to be Invoiced' table Fixed attachments not showing in notes Fixed some notifications not sending Fixed appointments moving to 'Past' before their...

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