Change Log

Psychiatry-UK v3.0.3

09/12/2020 New Feature: Add 'Mark as Refunded' button into Private Patient invoices table New Feature: Add Ethnicity, Patient Photo and Patient ID fields into Patient Profile and Booking Form(s) New Feature: Bulk re-assign tasks New Feature: Add 'Task Type' option...

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Psychiatry-UK v3.5

Deployed Week Nov 30 - Dec 4th 2020 New Feature: Add a favicon to the portal New Feature: Add appointment link to patient portal dashboard and patient's appointments table New Feature: Add warning message when uploading documents to patient's notes...

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Psychiatry-UK v3.4

Deployed Week Nov 15-20th New Feature: Option to set a clinic a 'Private Clinic' (read more here) New Feature: Allow patient to make follow up appointment (read more here) New Feature: Add Urgency Level to task in PCF New Feature:...

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Psychiatry-UK v3.3

Deployed Week 5th-9th October New Feature: Mark task as completed button in the patient view New Feature: Allow patient note tasks to be seen without removing the task from the user's dashboard Update: Database migration to AWS. Impact on application...

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Psychiatry-UK v3.2

Deployed Week 1st-25th September Bug Fix: Notes - selecting "nurse" not working when creating a note as a patient New Feature: Updated Out Of Office system (Read more here) New Feature: Mark task as completed button in the patient view...

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Psychiatry-UK v3.1

Deployed during August/September 2020 Below are a list of bug fixes, improvements and new features since V3 went live: Bug Fix: Invoiced items now showing in patient's case file New Feature: Urgent button now added to tasks screen allowing a...

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Psychiatry-UK v3

Deployed at 12:00 hrs on Saturday 25th July 2020 Version 3 of the patient portal software has been deployed and is a significant upgrade to V2. The main updates are 'under the hood' and should result in a noticeable speed...

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Psychiatry-UK v2.2.1

Deployed at 21:00 hrs on 31st January 2020 Online booking form now sends the patient and the doctor concerned a 'Payment Fail' notification if user's card is declined/hasn't got enough funds in. Previously the appointment, calendar entry and invoice item...

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Psychiatry-UK v2.1.9

Deployed at 21:00 hrs on 17th December 2019 Update - Booking calendar restricted to show patient details to clinic admins that are related to those patients (via clinics) Fixed - 'Ready to Payout' table showing wrong entries Fixed - Cannot...

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Psychiatry-UK v2.1.8

Deployed at 21:00 hrs on 2nd December 2019 Update - Change Postal address on electronic invoices Update - Allow PUK Admins to view/edit all email and SMS notifications Update - Change default lead time for all online appointments to a...

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