Adding a clinic

A clinic is an entity that is capable of being invoiced by Psychiatry-UK. Private patients will belong to the Psychiatry-UK clinic. Any other patient must be associated with one of the other clinics in the system. Once they are associated with a clinic, their patient ID number will be prefixed using the clinic prefix (e.g., ODP765 is an Open Door Psychiatry patient).

To add a new clinic, click the New Clinic button on the Clinics page. Here you will be asked whether you would like to link this clinic with a commissioning group. If you choose a commissioning group, then all invoice items for all patients that belong to that clinic and any other clinic that are associated with that commissioning group will all appear on a single invoice addressed to the commissioning group.

If you do not choose a commissioning group, then all patients belonging to this clinic will not pay for their treatments but these will be compiled and invoiced to the clinic.

The rest of the fields in the New Clinic form should be self-explanatory.

The figures in Payment Terms relate to the number of days before the invoice for that clinic becomes overdue.

The Compile Invoices field will allow you to choose how often invoices for that clinic are compiled. (Currently, the system is not set to compile invoices automatically but is a feature that will be added over the next few months.)

Note: It is now mandatory to link a clinic admin with the clinic (for invoicing purposes). Please ensure you choose a clinic admin who IS associated with that clinic. If the clinic admin does not exist yet, simply choose a different clinic admin, then save the clinic. Then create the clinic admin and go back and edit the clinic details again and choose the newly created clinic admin.

associating a clinic admin

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