Technical Issues

Am I blocked form the PUK Servers?

We receive many helpdesk tickets where users are complaining that they cannot set up email accounts and/or are having difficulty in logging into the patient management portal.

This can be due to a host of reasons but one of the first ‘tests’ is to make sure that you have not blocked yourself from our server. This can happen with too many incorrect logins or while setting up an email account.

The easiest and quickest way to make sure you haven’t been blocked is to try and view the PUK website:

If you CANNOT see the website then chances are you are blocked. In this case you will need to submit a helpdesk ticket and provide your IP address which can easily be found here:

Alternatively in most cases simply restarting your router should be enough to reset your IP address and allow you to try logging in again or setting up your email account.

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