Technical Issues

Cannot login to back office – Step by Step Diagnosis

Please follow these steps if you are having trouble logging into the back office:

  1. Make sure you are using the latest version of the Chrome browser – check here:
  2. Go to login screen –
  3. If cannot see login screen then you have been blocked from the system and will need to submit a support ticket with your IP address (which you can obtain here –
  4. If you can see the login screen but cannot login then try resetting your password (click the ‘Don’t remember your password?’ link under the login fields)
  5. If you can login but see blank screen – check you are using latest version of Chrome (
  6. Also check you have a basic connection speed of minimum 2mbs (
  7. The system should also work using a browser called ‘Firefox’ so if you are still having issues it may be worth downloading that and trying to login using that browser (
  8. If you have tried all above and still cannot login then submit a support ticket – attaching a screenshot of any errors.

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