Creating a Free Appointment

If you are an admin or doctor

Sometimes it may be necessary to create a free appointment for a patient. The system was never designed to be able to make an appointment with out paying first so the following technique must be followed:

  1. Assign ‘Free Treatment’ to the patient – make note of their actual treatment as this will need to be changed back later
  2. Also change the patient’s email address otherwise an invoice (for £0.00 will be sent to them) – make note of it so you can change it back later
  3. Go to the calendar and create the appointment (Choose ‘Provisional‘ or ‘Accepted‘ as appropriate)
  4. A pop up will ask you for payment – click ‘Pay Later’ this will assign the invoice to the patient
  5. Now go to the patient’s profile and change their treatment back to the correct treatment and also their email address
  6. Now go to the ‘Invoices’ table and find the invoice (top of the list). Click the ‘Mark as Paid’ button and you can choose today’s date and ‘Paid by Card’ as the method. This will now mark the appointment as paid and show the meeting links in the appointments table (if ‘Accepted was chosen when making the appointment)
  7. If ‘Accepted’ was chosen when making the appointment, go to the appointments table and click the ‘Resend’ links – found in the column entitled ‘Patient PIN’ and ‘Doctor PIN’. This will send the confirmation of the appointment to the patient and doctor.


  8. If ‘Provisional’ was chosen then the doctor will receive an email asking for the appointment to be Accepted – then confirmation emails to the patient (and doctor) will be sent automatically.


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