Creating Clinics and Clinic Admins (and linking them together)

New clinics can be added to the system easily by clicking ‘New Clinic’ when in the ‘Clinics’ menu. However, in order for patients to be assigned to that clinic and the clinic invoicing to work correctly a CLINIC ADMIN must be assigned to the clinic.

This, however, can lead to some confusion as it is not possible to create one without the other!

So the procedure is:

Step 1. Create the clinic first (Clinics > New Clinic) and just associate any admin from the list with the clinic (this will change in step 4). Complete the rest of the form and save the clinic details. 

Step 2. Create a new ‘Clinic Admin’ (Admins > New Admin) and give them a fictional email address, and a logical name for easy reference ie: NHS Melbury CCG Admin (so that you can easily find it in Step 3).

Step 3: It is important that after you set up the clinic admin that you click the ‘Link Customer’ button before proceeding.

Linking the clinic admin

Step 4. Go back to the clinic you created and now change the Clinic Admin (for invoicing) to the new clinic admin you just created!

Now you will be able to associate patients with the new clinic and add invoice items to the patient’s record, create appointments for the patient and also create clinic invoices without experiencing any issues.

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