Emails that we send you

You will receive a range of emails from us.

If you are a patient

You will initially receive a welcome email and a separate email with information about your appointment. After your appointment, you will receive further emails regarding what to do next or emails from your psychiatrist.

Private communication between yourself and the psychiatrist does not take place via email. Instead it is done through our secure notes system within the patient case file. However, you will receive an email that tells you when a note has been written or replied to and will ask you to log in to the portal to read and respond to the note if required.

If you are a psychiatrist

Please monitor your emails regularly, as this is where you will receive notifications that a new appointment has been requested (you will also receive a text message). You will also receive emails when any one of your patients creates a new note or replies to a previous note that you have created within the notes section of their case file.

If you are an administrator

For example, if a task is set for you or if a task that you have set has been completed, you will receive an email confirming this. You may also receive emails asking you to log into the portal to view a note from a patient that you have contact via the notes section.

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