Technical Issues

Localised login issues

Sometimes our IT department cannot solve login issues as they are due to issues at the user’s end. If this is the case then we offer the following things to check:

  • Is your download speed high enough? (if very slow this can have an effect)
  • Can you navigate to the website? If not your IP may be blocked (in which case please create a support ticket – and let us know your IP address which can be found here:
  • Can you try using a different wi-fi network?
  • Can you try logging into the portal using 4G on a smartphone?
  • Can you try using a different device (borrow a laptop)?
  • Can you try logging in at a completely different location? (Go to a friend/family member and try logging in there)

These are not permanent solutions BUT they need to find the source of the issue – then work on the source. By trying the above it starts to narrow down what could be causing the problem.

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