New Appointment Slots in the Doctor’s Schedule

A new system to manage appointment slots will soon be introduced. This will stop the issue of double bookings and also help to set certain appointments as Full or Follow Up appointments and also allow them to be attributed to specific treatments.

Updating the Schedule

  1. Click ‘Add Appointment Slot’
  2. Identify the start time that you want a slot to start from (make sure you choose am or pm)
  3. Choose whether it should be a Full Appointment (50mins) or Follow Up Appointment (25 mins)
  4. Attribute a treatment to it (or set it to ‘Any types’ if it doesn’t matter what treatment gets booked into this slot). If you attribute a treatment to this slot then the booking form will only show slots for those treatments. The length of the slot in the calendar will adjust depending on the length of that specific treatment (ie if the treatment is set to 90 mins for a full consultation the slot on the calendar will show the appropriate length). Please bear this in mind when creating the schedule and allow sufficient time after the slot if you know it is longer than 50 mins.
  5. Click ‘Save’

Carry on until all the slots are added to your schedule. Make sure you save each slot as you go along.

Updating the database

Once all slots have been added and saved go to the bottom of the screen and click the Green button. This will update the slots in the database to match what you have set so they show correctly in the booking calendar (and also in the online booking form).

This is NOT mandatory. If you do not carry out this action then your slots will be updated at 12 midnight automatically (better if you have a very active calendar that could have slots being booked in progress).

What shows on the calendar?

Available slots will show in bright green. Once clicked you can carry out the appointment creation process as normal.

Reserved Slots

If a user is currently booking the slot or another admin has taken the slot then it will show in Red. If the appointment is not made within 30 minutes then this slot will revert back to Green.

Admins do have the option of manually reverting a slot by clicking on the reserved slot but should only do this if it was them that started the appointment process (by mistake).


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