Patient Self Booking of Appointments

We have now added the option for patients to be able to choose the date and time of any follow up appointment. If you normally pay for treatments, then you will be able to make a follow up appointment via the patient portal and pay at the same time. For those patients that are funded by the NHS or belong to a private clinic your clinic will continue to cover the costs of your ongoing treatment unless the appointment relates to a ‘self-funded’ treatment.

Under the new scheme you will receive an email from your doctor or nurse to arrange a follow up appointment. From there you will be asked to login to the patient portal and click the ‘Make Follow Up Appointment’ button on the right hand side of your dashboard. Just follow the onscreen instructions to make a booking. Once the appointment has been approved you will receive further details on how to attend.

Note for PUK Admins and staff:

To notify a patient that they should make a follow up appointment you will need to tick the box in the ‘New Note’ modal


Checklist Before Sending a Follow Up Notification to the patient:

  • Check that the patient’s Principal Clinician is correctly assigned (This can also be changed to the patient’s nurse or therapist – whoever will be undertaking the consultation)
  • Check that the Treatment the consultation will cover has been correctly assigned to the patient
  • Check the patient’s Principal Clinician (or whoever this may have been changed to) is correctly linked to the Clinic that is offering this treatment
  • Check that the patient’s Principal Clinician is able to offer this treatment


  • PUK Patient (pays for all treatments and billable items)
  • CLINIC Patient (does not pay for any treatment or billable item UNLESS that treatment or item belongs to a clinic that is ‘Self Funded’ – see below)
  • Self Funded Clinic – A clinic where any treatment or billable item associated with it will be paid for by the patient

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