Rescheduling a paid appointment with another psychiatrist

If you are an admin

To reschedule an appointment like this, first assign the patient to the new doctor within their case file. Then change the patient’s treatment to ‘Free Treatment (Pre-Paid)’. This stops the patient being charged again. Once this is done, cancel the appointment in the booking calendar and give a reason. Explain in this box that they will receive new details by email shortly. (The patient will be notified and can see the reason.)

Then create the new appointment with the new psychiatrist (Provisional). Next pay for the treatment (£0.00) with your own card details. This will then set the new appointment, send an email to the new psychiatrist asking them to approve the appointment. The patient will get an email with the invoice of £0.00 (Paid). When the new psychiatrist approves the appointment, the patient will get confirmation of the new appointment with links for that appointment (as will the psychiatrist).

Once the appointment has been made, go back to the patient’s profile and change their treatment back to the original treatment.

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