Technical Issues

Selecting your Camera (or Microphone)

In a situation where you have more than one camera connected to your computer, for example a laptop with both a built in webcam and a USB-connected webcam, you may need to select the correct camera to use in Google Chrome’s settings.

This guide assumes that you are using Google Chrome.

1. Open Google Chrome and open the ‘Settings’. You can navigate there from the menu on the top right in chrome (3 grey dots).

2. This is the first page of Chrome’s settings menus, use the search box to search for “camera”.

3. When you click through to “Site Settings,” the camera settings will be highlighted yellow. Please click through again and you will see Chrome’s menu of settings for your connected camera(s)

4. Now that you are in Chrome’s camera settings, you can select the camera device from a list in the drop down menu. The device name will normally be named after the manufacturer’s brand. In the case below, we have selected an external USB webcam that is connected to the computer.

If you don’t find your camera listed in the menu below, there’s a chance that it is not connected properly. After checking the physical connection to the camera, we recommend that you repeat these steps.

Note: You can go through the same process to make sure you are connecting to the correct microphone.

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