Technical Issues

Testing V3

Version 3 (V3) is now available for beta testing.

You should have received an invite by email with a username. Please go to and you will be redirected to a new login screen

All uses (including testers) will be required to reset their password the first time they use V3. Simply click the ‘Reset it here’ link and you will be directed to a screen to enter your email.

Check your email and click the reset link. Create a new password and then you will be taken to set up 2 factor authentication (see screen below). Use whichever system you are most comfortable with (authenticator or SMS).

Once logged in you will be taken to the V3 dashboard. The layout and functionality of the system is mainly unchanged so it will look very similar to V2 (most of the changes are ‘under the hood‘). However, we have added a small line at the top to assure you that you are using Version 3:

You will also notice a small black button at the bottom of every page (BH = BugHerd). Please click on this button to report any errors, bugs, issues, slow loading, layout issues etc (NOT the IT Helpdesk!).

Just click the button and follow the instructions.

Test any normal daily tasks and try to use as many of the features as possible.

We have a (long) list of new features that we are prioritising and hoping to start working on as soon as V3 is live.

Thank you for your co-operation in this crucial round of testing.

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