Technical Issues

‘Unexpected Error’ when logging into the portal

If an appointment is not set up correctly you may experience an ‘Unexpected Error’ when trying to login to your portal. If this is the case please submit a support ticket and we will arrange to rebook your appointment.

Note to PUK Admins:

It can take a while (up to 10 seconds) for the final stage of the booking process to complete – this is the stage which activates the payment link. If you navigate away from this before then the appointment will not be completed and show as ‘Awaiting Payment’ (without a link). If you have a slower than normal internet connection this can take even longer – you must wait until you see the ‘Pay Now’ and ‘pay Later’ buttons.

The only way around this now is to cancel the appointment and immediately rebook it (with a status of ‘Provisional’). The patient will receive a cancellation email followed by a new email telling him/her a new appointment has been requested.

Once the appointment has paid for the doctor will them be able to ‘Accept’ it where it will change from ‘Provisional’ to ‘Accepted’ and the patient will receive full details of the appointment.

PS: Once the appointment is set up correctly the patient will be able to login and download/pay their invoice.

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