Clinical Forms

Update to ADHD Medication Monitoring Forms

The ADHD medication monitoring form has been updated so that a sequence of forms is automatically sent to a patient during titration. The first form will need to be manually sent through the note system. A fresh blank form will then be automatically sent to the patient every time they submit an existing one. Only the third and sixth will include the ASRS.

A task will be sent every time a form is submitted but, the task will state what the form is (rather than just ‘a form has been submitted’ ) and will also state what number form has been submitted. So the first will be ADHD treatment monitoring form 1/6 etc all the way to 6/6 so you can tell at a glance what stage somebody is submitting a form at. If the form contains raised blood pressure or challenging side effects have been checked, the task will instead be titled ‘BP raised! Please see monitoring form’ or “Challenging side effects! Please see monitoring form”.

The updated form has a “counter” which isn’t present in the older forms.

The counter is used to tell the portal how far along titration someone is – i.e. form 1/6, 2/6 etc up to 6/6. When 6/6 has been submitted, a new sequence if required will need to be started manually. Once the update is live, it will display older forms but not take them into account for counting purposes instead start counting from the first new one. Do not repeatedly send a new one before a sequence of forms is complete.

All forms become locked from editing 2 weeks after they have been created even if they are not filled in. This is because the patient may have shared the form with a third party and the lock prevents their information being altered sometime in the future.

The result form now shows a physical monitoring graph, a table with links to all forms and a chart for symptom changes. The graphs will not show if there are no associated prescriptions.
There are two screen shots below – one showing the form for patients to complete and the other showing the results after submission.

Here is a screenshot of an initial form that the patient sees:



Here is a screenshot of a completed form including ASRS:

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