Using the Out Of Office (OOO)

Version 3 has an improved OOO (Out of Office) feature that enables the user to choose several different options on how their tasks and patient notes are handled while they are away. below is the options scren.

How to use:

1. Go to ‘My Profile’ then click on the Notification Settings tab

2. Click ‘Yes’ for the OOO and choose the start and end date (inclusive). So if you are coming back to work on the 1st of January then the end date would be 31st December)

3. Next, choose how you want your tasks and note replies to be handled. The options are:

  1. To still keep tasks in a queue until you are back (this is useful if you are only going away for a few days)
  2. Choose 1 user to redirect your tasks to
  3. Choose a multiple number of users to distribute your tasks to. This will set up a special system where each member of that list will receive a task in order on a rolling basis.

4. When you have set your OOO don’t forget to click ‘Update’ to save your settings. There is no need to return to the OOO upon your return as things will return to normal after he end date that you have set.


In options 2 and 3 the nominated users who will be covering you while you are away will receive an email letting them know they have been nominated, who has nominated them and the dates that they will be expected to cover.

In all cases when you are OOO the patient will be shown a message when they leave a note telling them that you are OOO but another member of the team will be covering.

While you are setting the OOO the system will show you any other user that is OOO and when they will be returning. This is useful to stop you choosing a user who also happens to be OOO (see below)

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