Psychiatry-UK v3.0.10


  • New Feature: Additional Patient Demographics
  • New Feature: Add ‘Accept | Decline’ links to doctor’s appointments table
  • New Feature: Allow Users to manage SMS notifications
  • New Feature: Allow patients to make their own Full Consultations


  • Update: Change terminology in patient note modal
  • Update: Hide ‘Allow patients to make Follow Up Appointments’ option
  • Update: Keep ‘Invoices’ submenu permanently open.
  • Update: Move an option in new note modal
  • Update: Change text in patient profile form


  • Bug Fix: Search through ALL items awaiting invoicing (Not just the ones that are visible on the page)
  • Bug Fix: Super Admins and Doctors profile page not loading
  • Bug Fix: Switching OOO to ‘No’ should not send out a notification
  • Bug Fix: Unexpected Error when trying to view Doctor’s appointments
  • Bug Fix: Need to be able to create a task for a user even if they are currently OOO
  • Bug Fix: Login/Out link on portal is misaligned
  • Bug Fix: Clinics in Doctor profile pages are showing as numbers


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