Psychiatry-UK v3.0.11


  • New Feature: ‘Invoice Paid’ Notifications sent to users when the patient pays an invoice which contains one of their items
  • New Feature: Add ‘Your Therapist’ to list of options in the patient note modal
  • New Feature: Add ‘Appointment Date’ into the ‘Invoice Items’ table (if the invoice item is an appointment)
  • New Feature: Add ‘Edit’ button to the appointments table
  • New Feature: Add ‘Cancelled By’ field into the cancelled appointments table


  • Update: List notifications alphabetically in the portal
  • Update: Add email details into ‘Admin’ page
  • Update: Hide ‘Commissioning Groups’ menu item and field from clinic form
  • Update: Patient Dashboard: Order appointment date by ‘nearest’ first
  • Update: Restrict width of column in Prescriptions’ table
  • Update: Hide ‘Associated CCG’ column in clinics page
  • Update: Change wording on button in booking calendar to ‘Cancel Appointment’
  • Update: Website field does not need to be mandatory
  • Update: Adjust styling to remove large gap at the top of the dashboard on smaller screen widths


  • Bug Fix: Missing data in ‘Last Login’ field in Staff page
  • Bug Fix: Clinic Invoices filter not working correctly
  • Bug Fix: Creating a new or FU appointment with a status of ‘Accepted’ sending the wrong SMS notification.
  • Bug Fix: TAS1 is not being sent out when a task is set
  • Bug Fix: TAS2 and TAS24 not being sent
  • Bug Fix: App crashes when choosing a date on the booking calendar without first selecting a staff member from the drop down
  • Bug Fix: Urgent task still says ‘Overdue’ in patient’s profile instead of ‘Today’
  • Bug Fix: Using Quick Search in the ‘Clinics’ page creates an ‘Unexpected Error’
  • Bug Fix: Missing clinics in Doctor’s profile
  • Bug Fix: Not showing all invoiced items in patient’s profile
  • Bug Fix: Tasks not being re-assigned when user is OOO


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