Psychiatry-UK v3.0.12


  • New Feature: Google Translate feature added to the website
  • New Feature: Added BugHerd code in the Portal to allow users to send immediate feedback without creating an IT support ticket
  • New Feature: Allow Doctors to delete notes
  • New Feature: Add ‘Cancelled’ as a status as an option when editing an appointment
  • New Feature: Show an alert of a user tries to add a duplicate patient into the system (checks surname & dob)


  • Update: Add a close ‘X’ at the top of the feedback modal in the online booking form
  • Update: Show user’s notification settings to Super Admins
  • Update: Add patient ref number into patient dashboard
  • Update: Unhide the ‘Item Billing date’ from the ‘Compile Clinic Invoices’ modal
  • Update: Hide ‘Allow Patient to Book Full Consultations’ option in Patient Notes modal
  • Update: Add tooltips on the feedback table in the portal
  • Update: Change message on patient’s dashboard


  • Bug Fix: Patient feedback showing in online booking form (even if they say ‘No’ in their profile)
  • Bug Fix: “Not Seen Yet – User Has Been Notified” added to note even when “notify patient is not selected”
  • Bug Fix: Check notification ref OOO is being sent out


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