Psychiatry-UK v3.0.4


  • New Feature: Save deleted notes and record user


  • Update: Add same tasks actions to nurse/therapists/clinic admins/puk admins as used in doctor in dashboard.
  • Update: Update PDF clinic invoices to use the bank details of the clinic that the invoice belongs to
  • Update: Allows users to delete their profile photo or Photo ID
  • Update: Hide ‘Invoices’ menu link if logged in as a ‘clinicAdmin’
  • Update: More PDF Invoice tweaks (adding breaks)


  • Bug Fix: Check that AA2 goes to the doctor who the appointment has been changed to (not the original doctor)
  • Bug Fix: Do not allow leading (or trailing) spaces to be saved in the patient’s email field
  • Bug Fix: Patient link not working in ‘All Pending Tasks’ tab
  • Bug Fix: Update the link on clinic patient’s dashboard so the clinic invoice link does not show
  • Bg Fix: Funded/Self funded – wrong logic in patient’s profile
  • Bug Fix: HTML for OOO in select menu not displaying properly
  • Bug Fix: Notification FU1 going out to staff


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