Psychiatry-UK v3.0.5


  • New Feature: In “New note” form, when “Doctors Only” is selected, disable “Notify patient of new note”
  • New Feature: Add ‘Task Type’ option to tasks launched from PCF Form
  • New Feature: Allow Users to manage SMS notifications
  • New Feature: Inform patient of amended appointment if an appointment is moved before it has been approved
  • New Feature: Allow Super Admins to be able to post an all user message on the portal (without developer intervention)
  • New Feature: Allow NHS/RTC patients to book their first appointment
  • New Feature: Create Task from note


  • Update: Update the message that appears on the patient dashboard
  • Update: Replace’Paid’ image on PDF invoices with semi transparent version.
  • Update: Correct payment information now displays on clinic PDF invoices
  • Update: Restore links to patient reviews on online booking form


  • Bug Fix: Password field not aligning properly
  • Bug Fix: Logic that displays the patient’s ref on invoices changed.


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