Psychiatry-UK v3.1.0


  • New Feature: Bespoke Video App to handle all future patient appointments and generic meetings. Features include screen sharing, chat, audio recordings (launching in a few days), doctor checklist, FAQs, Guest access and more)
  • New Feature: Create a PCF Task for doctor if ‘Complete Later’ button is pressed at the end of a consultation
  • New Feature: Allow Doctors to delete notes


  • Update: Add ‘Return to the Portal’ button the bottom of the PCF form
  • Update: Add NHS number and Patient postcode into search params in Patients table
  • Update: Add ‘patientNumber’ into the search params in Tasks table
  • Update: PDF script updates to improve security
  • Update: Show user’s notification settings to super Admins


  • Bug Fix: ‘Forbidden’ error when a patient tries to change their username
  • Bug Fix: Fix DOB validation issue when a new patient is added to the system
  • Bug Fix: PDF script updates to improve security
  • Bug Fix: “Not Seen Yet – User Has Been Notified” added to note even when “notify patient is not selected”


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