Psychiatry-UK v3.1.2


  • New Feature: ADHD Waiting List – manage patients in ADHD waiting list and inform queue number on patient’s portal (Only pukAdmins and superAdmins have access to this feature)
  • Allow users (staff or admins) to change the treatment for a patient during the FU appointment process


  • Update: Removing the requirement for the patient to ‘wait’ before being allowed into a meeting room
  • Update: Change the type of select menus to ‘search suggest’ in the ‘Add New Patient’ modal
  • Update: Hide ‘New Appointment (New Patient)’ option from appointment modal in booking calendar
  • Update: Remove webcam preview from ‘knock’ modal (from appointment screens and generic meeting screens)


  • Bug Fix: Not pre-filling the patient’s name when editing an appointment
  • Bug Fix: Doctor’s link to their clinic is removed after updating their bio
  • Bug Fix: Unexpected Error when viewing patients (Doctor View if over 1000 patients)
  • Bug Fix: Force invalid date patent notes to the bottom of the list
  • Bug Fix: Adding an appointment creates an ‘Appointment Note’ with an Invalid Date


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