Psychiatry-UK v3.1.3


  • New Feature: Audio Recording by default in the video app
  • New Feature: Add a ‘ping’ sound when someone enters a room (meeting rooms or generic rooms)
  • New Feature: CN16 – When searching for a patient – to have NHS number show on front screen – This also need to be formatted correctly on the demographics


  • Update: Send media/stats even if a user disconnects
  • Update: Triage option added to Task Type drop-down menu
  • Update: Add ‘comments’ column into ADHD waiting list UI
  • Update: Video disconnection – Add a pop up that says ‘You have been disconnected’ and a button underneath that text that says ‘Reconnect Now’
  • Update: Allow multi part uploads of recordings during video meetings
  • Update: CN28 – Change text in patients dashboard (and make it bold and red)
  • Update: Add message relating to billing items to help users choose the correct billing item
  • Update: Make email address on patient’s profile a mailto: link
  • Update: In patient account, When adding new note, “Your Nurse” should be changed to “Your Titration Lead”
  • Update: Patients first name and last name to be a non changeable fields
  • Update: Logging user attributes for puk video app


  • Bug Fix: If guests joins meeting, add them to the audio stream
  • Bug Fix: Media file not being saved in the correct format


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