Psychiatry-UK v3.4.1


  • New Feature: Add a ‘Remove Form’ button if the form has not been started. Available to PUK Admins and Super Admins only
  • New Feature: Add a ‘Share this’ button to the patient appointment table (in patient view)
  • New Feature: All emails sent by the system are now added to patient notes (Email Notifications tab)
  • New Feature: Add ‘Reset 2FA’ button into patient’s account settings (Admins can now reset patient’s 2FA) – Patients > Demographics > Reset 2FA
  • New Feature: Block file uploads if they do not match patient ref


  • Update: Allow PUK- prefix to be allowed when uploading documents to the portal
  • Update: Red bold text warning in ‘Days Off’ tab
  • Update: Add pagination back into ‘Payment History’ page (but NOT the ‘Pending payments’ page)
  • Update: Multiple audio files – save multiple URLs into the field in the db (comma separated) and display as separate links in the UI


  • Bug Fix: Change ‘Status’ message for forms that are 100% but not submitted
  • Bug Fix: Forms should be displayed under completed if they are locked regardless of percentage completion
  • Bug Fix: Automatic Invoicing reminders – cancelled invoices not being recognised
  • Bug Fix: Variables in SMS messages not correct
  • Bug Fix: ‘Share this’ appointment button is sending out the wrong time

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