Psychiatry-UK v3.4


  • New Feature: Patient Forms
  • New Feature: Add a ‘Share this’ button to the patient appointment table (in patient view)
  • New Feature: Automatic Invoicing reminders (Flag shows in patient case file if there are any overdue invoices and also patient gets sent SMS reminders when the invoice has been created and on the last day that it is due)
  • New Feature: Add ‘Miscellaneous Fee’ to billable items modal. Allows users to create one-off billable items (which can be added to the standard list if necessary).


  • Update: Add ‘ADHD Medication’ when adding a new drug


  • Bug Fix: OOO settings do not save for Admins
  • Bug Fix: Set column widths in tasks tables to stop them from getting too wide
  • Bug Fix: When a patient changes their email address it must also be updated on Stripe

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