Psychiatry-UK v3.7


New Features:

  • Ability for a doctor to set a whole month OFF using the ‘days Off’ feature
  • New PDF generating feature (opens PDF in browser for downloading or printing)
  • A fix to prevent 2FA login OTP being used more than once during a time period
  • Prescription exemption status and delivery address confirmation form sent to patient when prescription is added to patient’s profile
  • New fields added to patient prescription table to show status of the address confirmation form
  • Disable ‘Delete’ button from Invoice Items list in patient’s profile (and Awaiting Invoicing list) if item has been marked as ‘Payment Transferred’
  • Payments section updated to show payments by month and items contained in each payment (roll out December 1st 2021)

Bug Fixes/Updates:

  • Audio file saving issue fixed
  • Legacy history not being displayed in history box when viewing a task or editing a task fixed
  • Unexpected Error when viewing clinic admin profile fixed
  • Restriction increased on number of staff members that were searchable fixed
  • Validation Error when setting OOO to yourself fixed
  • Reason for declining an appointment is not added to the relevant patient’s notes fixed
  • Cannot find a patient with a 3 or 4 digit patient ref (not showing in search results) fixed
  • Missing data into tasks table when a doctor ends an appointment but does not submit the PCF form immediately fixed
  • Inconsistent Password policy fixed
  • Delete record from ADHD Waiting Lists table when a patient is ‘removed’ from the list fixed
  • Doctor: Cannot enter cancellation reason when cancelling an appointment fixed
  • PAY notification so it only goes out once per payment transfer fixed
  • Error when trying to compile a clinic invoice from the patient’s profile fixed
  • Change ‘5 minute’ message logout message fixed
  • Invoice total in patient’s profile is not displaying properly in certain cases fixed
  • 2FA login OTP can be used more than once during a time period fixed

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