Psychiatry-UK v3.1.1


  • New Feature: Allow users (staff or admins) to change the treatment for a patient whilst making a follow up appointment
  • New Feature: Add ‘Filter’ menu to patient’s table to help find patients easier/quicker
  • New Feature: Add new ‘Clinic Admin Notes’ field to the top of patient profiles (Read more here)
  • New Feature: Allow the option to edit tasks (rather than only mark as complete) in the task page of the patient record, not just in the task list


  • Update: Remove ability for a doctor to upload his/her photo to their profile. This can now only be done by admins
  • Update: Hide ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ buttons in patient feedback table (in doctor’s view)
  • Update: Add patient NHS number to patient profile header
  • Update: Remove number in clinic modal (not required)


  • Bug Fix: Adding an appointment creates an ‘Appointment Note’ with an Invalid Date (Fixes patient notes from showing in the wrong order)
  • Bug Fix: PUKMeetup App – Fix able to end while recording, add alert and disable ‘End’ button until uploaded
  • Bug Fix: PUKMeetup App – Remove placeholder in generic meeting start screen ‘PUK TEST DO NOT USE’


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