Psychiatry-UK v3.6


New Features

  • Automatically add a ‘Blood Pressure, Pulse, Weight, Height’ form to the patients list of forms if they are added to the ADHD waiting List
  • Ability to mark multiple clinic invoices as paid on the Clinic Invoices Tab
  • Audit trail for deleting/cancelling invoices (Add deleted reason, deleted by, deleted date and store information in db)
  • Auto Logout Warning message t show after 15 mins of mouse inactivity (or 3hrs 55 mins of activity) – option to extend the session without losing any current work
  • Add ‘Shared With’ column into patient forms tables on Front end (shows email address and date it was shared)
  • RTC – to be able to compile and send a clinic invoice from the patient’s casefile as soon as billable items have been added. The compiled (clinic) invoice still appears in the clinic invoices list
  • Display ‘Edit’ button in appointments table when in Doctor View
  • Add ‘No Response’ option as a new tab in the ADHD Waiting Lists feature
  • Display forms in the Front End by alphabetical order when added to the patient’s casefile
  • Show doctor’s GMC number during the video consultation
  • Add record numbers in parenthesis after ‘In Progress’ tab in ADHD Waiting List (and the other tabs)
  • Add more titles to the booking form and patient demographics and new patient modal. (Dr Prof etc)
  • Add ‘Predicted Start date’ option to the ADHD Waiting List ‘Add Patient’ modal
  • Add Firefox to supported browsers in video app

Updates and Bug Fixes

  • If a task gets reassigned to an OOO (using the bulk re-assign option) the OOO is not respected and the task gets sent to the staff member who is OOO instead.
  • Have to click the ‘Cancel Reserved Slot’ button several times to remove a reserved slot
  • Online Booking Form: Notification INV1 should not be sent out during the online booking process
  • Change pre-confirmation message on booking form (Now says “This booking is being processed, please wait for the confirmation screen before closing this browser window”)
  • Hide ‘Face 2 Face’ options from the Treatments modal (Not applicable anymore)
  • Change text on creating notes – “Visible to Doctor only” to “Visible to Staff only”
  • Remove unused links from the main menu – only super admins could see these (Appointment Log, TokBox Log)
  • If a patient is not shared with a nurse or therapist then they only see the word ‘Admin’ when submitting a note. That should be changed to say ‘Customer Support’
  • Archived clinics showing in clinics list on patient’s demographics
  • Additional Information not being shown on patient invoices
  • Missing a trailing zero in the {{amount}} variable on INVC
  • Add Patient (stage 2 modal). Make treatments appear in alphabetical order
  • Redirect old booking form URL ( should divert to
  • ADHD Waiting list should show the ‘updatedAt’ value in the ‘status Updated Date’ column
  • If a clinical form is 100% and not submitted and it has reached the ‘complete by’ date then it should be moved into the ‘completed’ list automatically

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