Psychiatry-UK v3.3.1


  • Update: ADHD Waiting List Management (Display correct number of waiting patients)
  • Update: Remove ‘Support Team’ from list of options when adding a new admin
  • Update: Add ‘Any Treatment’ to list of options when adding an AdHoc appointment
  • Update: Hide unused options when clicking an appointment slot
  • Update: Remove pagination for ‘Pending Payments’ and ‘Payments Transferred’ tabs
  • Update: Add ‘Archive’ tab and ‘Archive’ option to the Clinics table
  • Update: Update .csv exports to contain less info and correct date format
  • Update: Check status code being returned from Stripe and display error on payment page accordingly
  • Update: Display oldest appointments first in the ‘Appointments Awaiting Approval’ table when logged in as a PUK Admin
  • Update: Appointment Note’ field is now mandatory


  • Bug Fix: Fix ‘Search’ when adding a new patient to the ADHD Waiting List
  • Bug Fix: Not showing correct number of ‘Provisional’ appointments on doctor’s dashboard
  • Bug Fix: Adhoc ‘Follow Up’ slots showing in the online booking form
  • Bug fix: Error when trying to create or edit an appointment using the calendar
  • Bug Fix: Updating an admin’s profile takes the user to a different admin profile on page reload (the top one in the list)

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